Learn the decisions I made & actions I took to make my 9-5 optional.

After decades of climbing the corporate ladder and missing out on too many of life's most important moments, I've finally ditched the W-2 for a life of freedom.

Discover the freedom of a 9-5 optional lifestyle.

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You’ve reached financial security, but at the expense of your freedom.

Financial independence can be possible through a series of strategic decisions. In this guide I share my winning framework that has led me to where I am today - living the life I choose.

The Turning Point

From one recovering workaholic to another, hear my story of finally making the switch to be in control of my own life.

Lessons Learned

I've invested in dozens of assets over the last decade. Discover my top takeaways from each.

Winning Framework

I rely on three simply keys to success. Learn how you can begin implementing them in your own life today.

Lifestyle Possibilities

Ditching the W-2 opens a world of opportunities. Discover what you may be missing out on.

Could this be the next step in your journey?

Hear from others who are putting these practices into place and pursuing their ideal lifestyles.

I am thankful for the opportunity and the education regarding investments, particularly with like-minded people. I appreciate the ability to keep more of the money, for which my husband worked so hard, which allows me to be able to continue to support myself and help my loved ones. Thank You!”

- Michele W.

Billy has become one of my most trusted mentors, and now friends. Spend 5 minutes with Billy and you will learn he is different - not many are wired with his combination of talent, relatability and genuine care for people.

- Trey S.

I'm here to guide you on your journey to freedom.

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