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July 23, 2024
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3 Proven Areas That'll Make Your Side Hustle Successful

When you get to the point of taking action and moving forward with your side hustle, you might find yourself becoming absolutely exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this new episode of The Going Long Podcast, Billy sheds light on the three proven areas that will help you find success with your side hustle in the most efficient and stress-free way!
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July 18, 2024
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How To More Easily Identify Your Profitable Side Hustle

In today’s episode of The Going Long Podcast, Billy makes it clear exactly what you need to do to identify your own profitable side hustle, sharing wisdom he gained from going through the process himself and invites you to leverage further insights on the goal of making your 9 to 5 optional through his Advisory Services.
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July 16, 2024
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The Truth About What Make Your 9 To 5 Optional Really Means

In today's episode of TThe Going Long Podcast, Billy helps you understand the full meaning of a key tenet of one of the key elements of what his advisory plan can enable you to achieve, “Make your 9 to 5 optional”, by sharing the story of why and how he was able to do this himself.
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July 11, 2024
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5 Surefire Signs You Need A Profitable Side Hustle

On today's episode of The Going Long Podcast, Billy helps us learn the key signs you should look out for in your personal and work life that point to the fact that you should consider taking action to start a side hustle by telling the story of how this played out in his own life, and shares a 5 point guide on the exact things you should look out for and what actions you should take.
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May 8, 2021
May 8, 2021
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What's the best smartphone camera?

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I'm just a regular guy from a middle-class family from Columbus, Ohio, who grew up knowing nothing about investing. When I started to become successful in my career, I had no idea how to invest my high salary. I was too embarrassed to ask because I felt like I “should’ve” already known. I remember hearing colleagues talking about being “accredited investors” and giving them fake nods like I knew who they were talking about.

From that point on I gave myself the challenge of learning everything I could about all things money and investing. My mission was to turn my high wages into financial freedom. 8 years later, I achieved it: I created a monthly passive income that met all of my expenses. I no longer had to work if I didn’t want to.

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