I'm Billy

I’m on a mission to guide you to freedom.

As a high-performing individual, you have one piece of the puzzle: a drive to accomplish great things in life, not to mention, likely a great income to support you and your family. But deep down inside you know your current career path comes at a cost: freedom. Specifically, the freedom over your time. The freedom to choose how to spend your time, with whom you spend your time, and more often than not, when and where you spend your time.

It was this same thirst for freedom that, over time, drove me to create and work on my own plan to be able to step down from the corporate ladder and never have to go back.

For me, corporate wasn't all bad. I had a successful career in sales and sales leadership for 26 years. I even liked my job! I saw corporate as a stepping stone to propel me (and my family) forward; the vehicle to take me where I really wanted to be. From traveling to 87 countries to learning 5 languages, my role gave me invaluable experiences, a high salary, and amazing bonuses.

But… I missed a lot of life. Missing one event actually changed everything…

It was before sunrise in October 2012. I rose from bed, showered, got dressed, then woke my oldest son and sang him a little song before I kissed him on his forehead right before walking out the door. It was his 3rd birthday and I didn’t even get to see his smiling face playing with his new toys. I was on the first flight to Germany. That night, instead of watching my son blow out his candles, I was eating yet another dinner with colleagues and partners, trying to figure out how to close more large deals with our clients…. And this time, it killed me. That day changed my life forever!

I decided then and there that this wasn’t my path; I decided I had to get back my freedom and create more options for my life.

From that point on I worked tirelessly to build the life that I wanted. I dove deep into investing, explored additional income streams, and created a roadmap to reach my ideal lifestyle. My mission was to turn my high wages into financial freedom. Almost a decade later, I achieved it: my income streams not related to my J-O-B met all of my expenses. I no longer had to work if I didn’t want to.


In 2021 I officially left behind my corporate career. After taking a much-needed sabbatical to refocus on my mission, I launched my own venture, and, for once, I was finally chasing after my own dreams, not someone else's. It felt good.

But I can't say that leaving my 9-5 solved all of my problems. In fact, I have learned some of life's hardest lessons since then. I've discovered what works and what doesn't as I navigate the sometimes cutthroat world of business. It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't trade the experience of working for myself for anything.

So, while life has been far from "perfect" since quitting my job, I do finally feel back in control. Isn't that what we're all searching for?

Whether you want to keep developing your corporate career path, like I did, or not, you deserve to have the ability to make that choice... The choice to work, if you want to, or the choice to leave behind the endless meetings, emails, and “work emergencies”. The choice to start a business in your 40's, or the choice to explore that idea for a side-hustle that's been nagging at you for years. The choice to retire early and travel the world, or simply to settle down and spend more time with family.

Ultimately, you should have the choice to spend your time how you decide. Nothing is more powerful than that, and life is too short not to at least try.

Whatever unique goals and dreams you may be longing after, I am committed to helping you achieve them. Let's get to know one another, create a framework for success, and watch you progress towards a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.


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